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The Beginning

In late 2015, Philips came to us with a failed business case and product. The Dutch technology company had invested many years and several millions in a new electric shaver. However, when the product was about to be launched, Philips realised that their clients were not interested in the product. As a result of failed concept testing, there was no product-market-fit. Thus, the team needed to pivot to a new segment, and prove that this new customer segment would be interested to buy their new product offering (as well as re-buy the replacement blades for the shaver).

Our Approach

We took a small, dedicated team of 4 full time employees from Philips, out of their usual office surroundings and brought them to the Innoleaps headquarters at B.Amsterdam, the biggest startup ecosystem in Europe. We added a core Innoleaps team of experiment & business model designers to the mix and together, embarked on a 3-month accelerator program.

During the first month, we ran dozens of online experiments to get to the essence of what the problem was, and for whom we were trying to solve that problem. We dove deep into contacting hundreds of consumers and gained crucial consumer insights that Philips did not previously have. By the final month of the program, we had a validated, go-to-market strategy targeting a very specific group of customers. In the span of 3 months, we changed the proposition and business model of the initial product, based on our validated learnings and metrics.

The Results

The Philips OneBlade was relaunched by the end of 2015. The product is currently one of Philips’ biggest success stories, and has recently been claimed as one of the key launches and drivers for success and profitability within the Philips Consumer division product categories.

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