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Startupbootcamp is working on building an AI Innovation Program. The first one is planned to be targetted at the Business Services Industry (Legal, HR, Accounting Services) and the team is currently busy building a strong ecosystem around AI, in Amsterdam. Check out their blogposts to learn more about what they’ve been up to so far.

The Impact of AI on the Legal Industry

In the past few months, Startupbootcamp has done intensive customer development and research with key industry players in the legal services domain. What is the impact of AI on the Legal world? The research higlighted 4 resuting factors from AI entering the legal domain.

4 Ways Law Firms Can Future-Proof Their Business

Additionally, what was discovered was that there are some key actions law firms must take, to futureproof their businesses.  The most imporant one being enabling a culture change within traditionally structured organizations.

Startups will show you the way.

Additionally, Corporate-startup-collaboration poses a big opportunity for law firms to harness the business potential of AI. Why? Startups, with all their innovative technology and culture, will be the ones to show you the future, in these revolutionary times.

Keen on joining the discussion? Do you want to learn more about working with Startupbootcamp in their upcoming AI Innovation program? Get connected!