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Above all else, success hinges on a company’s ability to innovate. However, execution and innovation are hard to combine – everyday, your company (the ‘mothership’) is moving forward, fulfilling its performance quotas. Combining this with innovation puts significant stress on an organisation’s resources. But we know that there is a way to do both. How? By applying a ‘Dual-Core’ System that allows you to execute on your current business operations, whilst innovation goes on within the company, at speed.  

 The ‘Entrepreneurial Way Of Operating’ 

Developing and applying an entrepreneurial way of operating helps large organizations to create new sources of income needed to grow and stay in business. But what does this mean? Innoleaps utilises its Lean Transformation Framework to help large companies become future ready. This framework has both an internal and external focus, where we create 2 ‘engines’ (dual core) that are loosely connected. In other words, with this system in place, you’ll have your execution engine running together with an innovation engine, loosely connected to the ‘Mothership’.

It is not easy to commit to running an innovation engine. Freeing up 12-13 employees from their day jobs, just to work on innovation, will be a challenge. But challenge or not, it is definitely something that needs to be done. If you don’t do it – if you omit investing resources into an innovation engine, your organisation is going to go into ‘inaction mode’ and the consequences of that will be a high price to pay in the long run.

FrieslandCampina’s Milkubator: Embracing Innovation & Moving At Speed With It

Innoleaps is a dedicated Innovation Partner for FrieslandCampina. Since about a year ago, The Dutch multinational dairy cooperative has begun its journey, of operating with a Dual-Core system. This was made possible because of their leadership: their openness, willingness to learn and sponsorship, were crucial elements for kick-starting and propelling FrieslandCampina’s innovation journey.

The company’s innovation engine comes in the form of a Milkubator’ – a corporate accelerator program with 3-4 teams at any given period, working on developing new business models for the organisation. On June 27th, the Milkubator had its 2nd Demo Day, showcasing the MVPs of 3 very entrepreneurial teams on a mission to solve specific customer problems. The takeaways from the event were valuable, and gave stakeholders many new interesting insights on the type of innovations FrieslandCampina could invest in and work on, to future proof their organisation.

The Milkubator creates and stimulates innovation. Over the span of 3 months, 3 teams went through an intense acceleration process. In just 13 weeks, the teams brought actual products to market, tested them and performed many experiments (both online and offline) to gather hard data that would help determine the eventual direction each of their solutions would take.

“If there’s one thing you need to do in a Milkubator, it is to move with speed and decisiveness”

The Milkubator experience is all about learning fast and failing cheap. In such a setting, challenges are handled in a ‘startup’ way. While the teams themselves operate just like startups, the biggest difference is that they are all connected to an extremely resourceful and powerful organisation – FrieslandCampina. Essentially, what would typically take the organisation 18 months, is done in just 13 weeks. In going through such a process, an entrepreneurial spirit is also ignited within the organisation.

This Demo Day was the 2nd one for the Milkubator. 9 months ago there were 4 other teams who also went through a similar journey. These 4 teams were part of Wave 1 of FrieslandCampina’s innovation and business transformation. And what are these teams up to, today?  The ideas they came up with have developed really well. 3 out of 4 of their solutions are now live in the market.

The story doesn’t just end there –  today, FrieslandCampina’s innovation efforts have gone global. Currently, they have several milkubator trajectories running in China. The Shanghai Corporate Accelerator program is in its final week – soon the teams will take the stage and present their MVPs at Demo Day! What’s more, the dairy giant also recently launched a Milkubator in Nigeria.

Innoleaps is dedicated to helping organisations such as FrieslandCampina, become Future Ready. Are you keen to find out more about developing a structured approach to transform and lead your company into the future? Get in touch with us and we’ll get you started.