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This week the focus is on our CEO, Peter van Grinsven, who talks about the magic of our ecosystem:

“We bring that magic motion which accelerates start-ups, corporates and talents within one single ecosystem.

How do we bring this magic motion into action?  The We Empower Innovators (WEI) global ecosystem consists of 3 companies – Startupbootcamp, Innoleaps and The Talent Institute, as well as the many corporate partners, startups, experts and mentors that are active within our network. Our unique value proposition lies in how we bring together innovation skills and practices, infrastructure and a large network to corporates, startups and talent.

By making this ecosystem available to all our customers, we are able to maximize our synergies and create stronger, more knowledgeable stakeholders, who have the ability to extend their growth and innovation efforts further.

Curious about our network? Our leadership team is always ready to talk to you how you can harness the power of our ecosystem to transform your business. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll get the conversation started.