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#Mondaymindshifter: What does our co-founder Ruud Hendriks have to say this week? Check out another quote featuring his views on the innovation process:

“Give us a team and an idea and we’ll give you a company”One of the products offered by Innoleaps is the corporate accelerator, where corporate startup teams learn to “do more, faster.”

How do we execute this? We select 3 to 5 new business ideas to explore and based on our experience of accelerating 650+ startups we’ll help your company select the right internal founding team of 3-4 people, per business proposition. In 3 months we’ll create a Minimum Viable Product, find product market fit and generate 1st revenues.

Want to find out more, or simply have a conversation with our leadership team on bringing the innovation process back to your organisation? Talk to us, today!