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We help you to shift from a managerial to an intrapreneurial culture. We train all relevant stakeholders in the new mind-skill and toolset that is necessary to innovate with impact.

Executive Board Session
Aligned leadership drives better innovation.

Innovation Masterclass
A new mindset, skillset and toolset for your business ecosystem

Enterprise Accelerator
Innovators working to launch a new high growth product

Innovation Challenge:
How do you activate the collective thinking power in your organization to collect great ideas?

Innovation Sprint:
Solving tough problems in a unique 5- day process

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Innovation Teams

One of the most amazing weeks I’ve had in Unilever. The passion, the energy that you get, it’s such a great vibe. I think this is what we should take back to Unilever and contaminate everyone that we can.

Cristina Correia

Global E-commerce & Direct to Consumer Leader, Unilever

The best training so far in Philips. Also the best ‘big team’ meeting. 

Eugenio Galdon

Global CRM & Consumer Engagement Manager, Philips Beauty

 We became a true team, lean and eager to fail early in order to reach success faster and cheaper. We were able to take the product to market with amazing results and also brought constantly experimenting into our new  approach to ensure long and sustainable growth .

Annie Chen

Senior Consumer Marketing Manager, Philips


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