Innoleaps, with its sister companies Startupbootcamp & The Talent Institute, is part of the global “We Empower Innovators” (WEI) Ecosystem.

We believe the power we bring to our partners is in our 3-brand proposition: Startupbootcamp accelerates Startups,  Innoleaps is the accelerator for Corporates, and The Talent Institute accelerates Talent.

We Help Our Customers

Create an entrepreneurial organization that enables long-term growth.

Leverage changes in their markets, and turn them into growth opportunities.

Create a “Dual Core” organization that can execute the current business and innovate at the same time at speed.

Develop a structured step-by-step approach to transform and lead the company into the future. 

Focus on Business Model innovation in addition to product innovation and R&D.

Understand new ideas are important, but  building the right team to execute the idea is more important.

Implement Lean Startup principles in their organizations and help them understand better their customer’s problems to create solutions that fit their needs.

Leverage the know-how and technologies of startups and scaleups by partnering with Startupbootcamp.


Real change in large organizations must be driven by C-level. Together we’ll create the right mindset at the top and management level required to innovate fast and furiously.


By applying Lean Startup methodologies, innovation and business teams will bring new business propositions and business models to market in weeks instead of years.


New skills need new tools. We train your innovation and business teams “The Startup Way” and provide them with a new set of business tools to launch new business propositions quickly at a fraction of the cost!


Since our launch in 2013, Innoleaps has worked with 100’s of corporates to help them manage the rapidly changing business environment they encounter every day. We teach an entrepreneurial way of operating through our executive board sessions, innovation master classes, corporate accelerators and venture building programs. Our focus is on enabling the leadership team and its businesses and innovation departments to create new models, services, and products for growth.

We help our partners develop new products, new business models, and most importantly, to understand what an entrepreneurial way of operating means: failing fast and cheap, pivoting, innovation accounting, business model innovation, and corporate startup collaboration.

Learn more about how we help our customers.

[DUTCH] ‘Wij weten hoe de markt er over een jaar uitziet’

Ieder jaar melden 15.000 startups zich aan bij een van de groeiprogramma's van Startupbootcamp. "Wij kijken in de garages van deze wereld en kunnen daardoor trends zien aankomen", zegt medeoprichter Patrick de Zeeuw in gesprek met Ronnie Overgoor. In samenwerking met...

Safeguard announces collaboration with Startupbootcamp Amsterdam

Amsterdam, 14 March 2018 – Safeguard, a startup at the forefront of safety technology and innovation, is partnering with Startupbootcamp Amsterdam, the leading network of industry-focused innovation programs. This collaboration will facilitate crucial support from...

Peter van Grinsven named CEO NL of Startupbootcamp, Innoleaps and The Talent Institute

Klik hier voor de Nederlandse versie. Amsterdam, 6 February 2018 - Startupbootcamp, Innoleaps and The Talent Institute, part of the “We Empower Innovators” ecosystem, announce Peter van Grinsven has joined as CEO The Netherlands as of 1 February 2018. Peter will be...

Exploring Agri-Food Tech Opportunities in China

There is an ancient Chinese saying: “Food is the first necessity of people” which symbolizes the importance of food to our well-being. With the recent rapid economic development and advancement of science and technology, times are changing and people’s demand for food...

We’re Launching Startupbootcamp Scale San Francisco To Bring International Startups to the Bay Area

Over the last 7 years, we’ve been lucky to have a front-row seat as innovation has truly gone global. From Fintech in Cape Town to Crypto in Singapore, Startupbootcamp has backed 600 companies and launched close to thirty offices. While we may have become the world’s...

Innoleaps launches unique accelerator for corporate innovation in NYC

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Innoleaps, a company that brings the fast innovation methodologies typical of startups to established corporations, has launched a new program in New York. This is the first Innoleaps Corporate Accelerator in the U.S., targeting the North...

By 2021, more than 50% of established corporations will be leveraging Lean Startup Techniques at the business level to increase the pace and success of business transformation.

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Mexico City



Cape Town


New York





Innovators & industry leaders empowered on 5 continents

Startups in our portfolio. Adding 200 new startups to the portfolio each year

Young Digital Talents trained and provided to Scale-ups & Corporates

Corporate Startups launched and accelerated for Fortune 1000 companies


When you engage with Innoleaps, you engage with the entire “We Empower Innovators” Ecosystem. Which includes the 100.000 startups and scaleups we see each year, the 10.000 mentors in the Startupbootcamp network and the talent we train at The Talent Institute. Together we offer our corporate partners the startup knowledge and expertise across a variety of industries and the talent required to grow your business.

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