We empower your organization and create radical business transformation by introducing a new Mind-, Skill & Toolset.


We help executives to innovate in weeks instead of years, to move from corporate to market driven thinking and from closed to open innovation. We align your board on topics such as Lean implementation, Innovation Accounting and the difference between searching for new business models and executing a known one. We will implement innovative thinking in  your whole organization.


In a fast changing world, old tools like business plans are obsolete. We must think fast and act immediately. Skills like prototyping business models or setting up online experiments to learn what works and what doesn’t are essential. Data – analytics, usability design, rapid prototyping are some of the new skills employees need to innovate in a fast and effective way.


When you have the right mind- and skillset you can apply new tools in a appropriate way. There are a lot of visual tools developed that support the agile way of working. We teach you how to use the business model canvas or how to setup online landing pages to learn fast.


Creating a growth company is hard work. Really hard. Try creating radical business transformation. Even harder. But without innovation there’s always the threat of being disrupted. Nobody wants to be the next V&D, Kodak or Blockbuster.


At Innoleaps we’re tackling this challenge head on. We’re sharing a new set of lean and agile tools that can change the game for corporations. Our innovation and acceleration programs help business ideas grow in the right direction – at speed, with lower risk, and with market validation.

Disrupt before you are disrupted.


We break down traditional silos and bring people together. We put our innovators at the table with your executives to spark a collaborative way of working. When collaborative teams are focussed on big opportunities – breakthroughs are born. Launching these new initiatives helps companies grow and flourish for the long term.


Innoleaps is created by the founders of Startupbootcamp (the largest startup accelerator outside the US) and is a proud part of the We Empower Innovators family. This proximity to startups enables us to teach cutting edge development practices.

Startups accelerated since 2011 - and counting.

Accelerated in the Netherlands.

Startups launched within large enterprises


“I loved the way Innoleaps adopted these new ways of thinking and working to build businesses in a totally new way, in a new environment and setting. Innovate the way we innovate. Bringing back the pioneering spirit to re-invent Big in Europe Innoleaps showed us how it could be done.”

Jan Zijderveld, Unilever CEO Europe


We’re used to working with triple-A companies

We need more moonshots.

It is good to place radically innovative ideas outside the core of an organization so they can be developed. We all gain when they become part of the enterprise again. Since 2014 Innoleaps and Startupbootcamp helped Rabobank successfully select and actively guide moonshots through the corporate accelerator programs they have developed.

Wiebe Draaier – CEO Rabobank

I didn’t think that was possible but it actually is!

In one week’s time we went from a vague concept to a super concrete idea including client feedback.

Joost van Aalten – eBusiness Advisor, Athlon

The program is intensive and requires but also gives a lot of energy.

By actually working on an idea/product, the theory part is kept to a minimum and lessons learned can be tested in the real world.

Steven Lourens – Compliance Officer at VIVAT

The Innoleaps accelerator constantly challenged us.

 We became a true team, lean and eager to fail small and early in order to reach success faster and cheaper. As a result we were not only able to take the product to market with amazing results but also bring back the behaviours of constantly experimenting and innovating into our new standard approach to ensure long and sustainable growth for this awesome product.

Annie Chen – Senior Consumer Marketing Manager at Philips